We received notice today that Terra Power Solutions has decided to withdraw its application for the proposed Brakkefontein Wind Energy Facility in the Overberg.

We understand that this decision was prompted by a combination of factors, including the lack of wind resource on the proposed site, as well as the environmental sensitivities associated with the site and the conservation initiatives surrounding it.

The surrounding landowners, interested and affected parties, including the Melozhori Game Reserve, Zonderend Conservancy and all other members of the Brakkefontein Wind Action Group have welcomed the decision. Although apparent at the outset of the EIA process that the proposed site was not suitable for any form of industrial development, we acknowledge that Terra Power Solutions has made a sensible decision and considered the interests of the surrounding community and eco-tourism in the Overberg region.

We would also like to take the opportunity to formally thank all the relevant role players concerned, members of the public and environmental groups that offered their unyielding support in what can only be seen as a victory for conservation and environmental biodiversity in this country.

Brakkefontein Wind Action Group